Metro Success Fest: A festival to celebrate our success and facilitate more to come

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By: Ricky Pittman 

    The 2023 Metro Success Fest was held on Thursday, September 21. It was moderated and organized by the Dean of Student Affairs, Ralonda Ellis-Hills. The Metro Success Fest was a compilation of Tri-C’s most Important resources and organizers. In attendance were the Transfer Center, Mandel Scholar Society, Nache Jones (the director of student engagement), Katherine Gould (LAMBDAGSA Faculty Adviser), Veterans Military and Connected Services ( VMCS) and many more. The Success Fest was created with the intention of celebrating students’ successes while also exposing them to resources that can help them thrive.   

    The Metro Success Fest also hosted the swearing-in of our new student government. This ceremony led by  Metro Campus President Denise McCory, commemorated the election of our new Student Government. Those who were elected include Erica Cherry (Treasure), Nandi Dailey (Secretary), Sadara Wagner (Senator), VivekKumar  Patel(Vice President) and Edona Vajushi (President). Each member of the press recited the Oath of Office, “ I do hereby solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute my duties as a member of the student government of Cuyahoga Community College. I will strive to develop and improve educational standards and practices, maintain and promote academic freedom and responsibilities, secure and advance students rights’ and responsibilities and promote the general students welfare to encourage understanding among all students in the larger society.” This oath let it be known our student government means business, when it comes to the success of not only themselves, but the entire student body and Greater Cleveland. 

    The resource administrators and organizers stationed at the Metro Success Fest seated themselves at tables adorning the Campus Center Courtyard, performing 15 minute success workshops. Each table was equipped with an attendant(s) to aid students in accessing resources. Students also received a stamp for a meal ticket upon interaction with a suitable number of workshops. Students attending Metro Success Fest also enjoyed music, academic program trivia sessions, voter registration assistance, prizes and pictures with the campus president. If you missed Metro Success Fest you missed a lot, but there’s no need to worry because there’s always something happening at Tri-C Metro Campus. 

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