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by  Sharena Lathen 

     Greetings to all students, faculty, and staff of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). I am a Tri-C sophomore. I want to tell you a little about myself to my readers. You will read briefly about my change of majors, school transfers, love of writing, working, and learning. I am also  actively involved in a club and last but not least, I have had different jobs here at Tri-C. I hope you enjoy it all. 

     Previously, I studied pre-med at Lakeland CC before transferring to Tri-C in 2019. During winter break in 2021, I decided to switch my major from pre-med to Cybersecurity. I thought about what being a doctor would mean and how there might be some sacrifices I would have to make for my career.  

     My passion for ethical hacking was becoming louder and louder within, making it hard to ignore and push aside. I feared that if I stayed in the pre-med major I would be left wondering, what-if? I didn’t want that to happen, so after talking it over with my advisors and praying about it, I decided to change my major and degree. 

     I love to write. When it comes to writing, I prefer writing things on my phone because it allows me to flow with thought versus using a computer. Writing with pen and paper is much easier than using a computer or laptop.  

     I am the vice president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the Tri-C Metro Campus and a writer for The Voice, the student newspaper. I have worked in the VMCS, Food Pantry, and the Student Engagement office. Who knows where I will be working next on campus?  

     I love talking to people and asking about their day or week; those questions lead to interesting conversations, and I enjoy every minute. Learning is one of my passions and if college were free, I would learn every subject I could. There’s something different about learning in person than learning on my own virtually. I love the homework I get from my instructors and I love the essays and I love working, depending on certain situations (I know it’s odd). 

     As this blog ends, I want to thank those of you who took the time to read this self-centered blog article, Lol. I hope to get a chance to meet some, if not most, of you, whether it’s during our tabling event, during bible study in the dining area off from Einstein’s bagels or just in passing. 

     I would like to get a chance to talk with some of you. I hope you have a wonderful and successful semester here at Tri-C. 

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