A quick tour of the West campus

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By Jeremy Hopkins, Western Campus

So it’s the first day of classes, and you’re trying to figure your way around campus. Even if you spent some time this summer on campus, the start of a new fall semester always has a few surprises. For starters, at the western campus, the library opens at 8:00 in the morning, but the Grill doesn’t open until 8:30. If you need that morning coffee fix, you can go to Java City, the on-campus coffee house run by Aramark for the school.

Before you spend any money at the cafeteria, drop by the Admissions office to add money to your Dining Dollars account. Not only is there a 10 percent bonus, you can use money from your financial aid to pay for the option. The meal plans start at $125, which lets you eat one meal a week on campus. And if you don’t use all the money this semester, it will roll over to the next one.

While you are checking out your financial aid money, head to the Financial Aid Office on the second floor. While you may have to wait in line, you can get a good view of the front of the Bookstore across the Galleria on the main floor. Head there next for your books, snacks, supplies, or cap and gown (for those planning on graduation ceremonies).

There is always something going on around campus. To find out the details like what and when, drop by the Student Life office, just down the hall from the Counselling offices. When you’ve passed the windows and the courtyard, you are there. And if you have any time left from your exciting tour of all the campus has to offer, you might want to check out a class or two. I’m sure your teachers will appreciate the company.

So welcome back to those who have been here before, and a big hello to those here for the first time. There are some changes around campus like construction projects and new presidents, so keep an eye here for more details. And have some fun this semester! See you around campus!

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