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Dr. Jud Newborn answers a few questions

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Ring the alarm

Tri-C’s renovated Fire Academy By Marchanna Bentley, Western campus Associate Editor “I saw when it was nothing. Transitioning it from what it was to what it’s going to be has been a process.” Commander Ted Huffman, a veteran of the Cleveland Heights fire department of twenty-three years, heads the restoration project at Cuyahoga Community College’s …

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Breaking news: power outtage at West

By Jeremy Hopkins Around 9:25 this morning, the lights went out across the Western campus of Tri-C. Security and maintenance reported several error messages on the power station readouts while students milled casually around. In most instances, there is no sense of panic or worry. Emergency vests are visible from those select individuals who are …

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Paws and check out what Vet Tech has this year

The Veterinarian Technician program of 2013-2014 has some of the star pupils available for adoption at no cost. By Jeremy Hopkins, West Editor Buried at the end of the hall of the Health and Career Services wing (also known as Building A), is a lively little area.  It is filled with the sounds of animals …

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2014 Vet Tech pets available

These handsome fellas and lovely ladies are available for adoption from the 2013-14 Vet Tech program at the Western campus of Cuyahoga Community College [custom_gallery gallery=”5″]

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Casey at bat, indeed!

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