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Fashion Column Opening!

Calling all Tri-C students! The Voice is looking for students who love to showcase their style and fashion to feature in the student newspaper and website. Are you fashion forward? Do you have a great fall/winter look? Do you effortlessly make a statement with the clothes you wear? If you said yes then we want …

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Behind the Headlines: The Heroin Epidemic

Thursday, October 23 12:00pm Part of a series of programs designed to provide an in-depth exploration of newsworthy topics from a variety of perspectives. The Heroin Epidemic program will examine the increasing rates of heroin addiction and heroin related deaths in our community and the Community Action Plan developed to find solutions to the epidemic. Panelists …

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In the first person

Friends with benefits: it’s not what you think By Sharan Paul, Metro campus staff reporter All friends come with benefits.  The reason that friendships forged in college last a lifetime is because they have residual benefits.  Relationships with other students can increase your success during and after higher education.  But friends are more than just …

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2014 Vet Tech pets available

These handsome fellas and lovely ladies are available for adoption from the 2013-14 Vet Tech program at the Western campus of Cuyahoga Community College [custom_gallery gallery=”5″]

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Social Science speakers coming to Tri-C

By Mackenzie Saunders, West staff reporter More speakers in the Carol S. Franklin Social Science Speaker series coming to the Western Campus Carol S. Franklin’s Social Science speaker, Mary Childers, is not your typical Ph.D. Childers grew up on welfare in the Bronx, raised by her alcoholic, single mother alongside her six other brothers and …

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Dr. Newborn flier

[document url=”http://www.cccvoice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Jud-Newborn-Flier.pdf”]

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