Breaking news: power outtage at West

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By Jeremy Hopkins

Around 9:25 this morning, the lights went out across the Western campus of Tri-C. Security and maintenance reported several error messages on the power station readouts while students milled casually around. In most instances, there is no sense of panic or worry. Emergency vests are visible from those select individuals who are school staff that help get people to safety, and they are calm. At this time, school administrators do not have an answer what the issue is, but they are working to find out what’s going on. Needless to say, classes are not going as scheduled at the moment.

Stay tuned as we attempt to keep you updated when you can return to your regular class schedule.

Update: the lights came back on at 10:12. Reports of power outage at Parmatown have not been verified at this time, but have been reported from several sources. At 10:22, the all-clear message was broadcast in the Galleria.

So if you were counting on another calamity day, you still need to report to class.

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