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Foster Care… We Care

By Sharmayne Schaffer and Angela Wolfe Tri-C has a place and resources for people who have aged out of foster care      Only 58% will graduate high school by age 19.     More than one in five will become homeless after 18.  One in four will have a run in with the criminal justice system …

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Heard in the Hallways

By Robert Fenbers   With the Cavs coming so close to winning an NBA championship last year, The Voice took to the hallways of Tri-C to find out if students believe they win it all in 2016.

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A Look Back on a Rough Season

Kayla Julian   The Cuyahoga Challengers Women’s Volleyball team had a tough season. As we look back from their time on the court, it wasn’t an impressive display for the ladies. However off the court, it was a different scenario. I had the opportunity to speak with Holly Hoffman, the 5′ 5″ freshman setter from …

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Back and Better than ever

By Kayla Julian   Coach Michael Duncan: Back and Better Than Ever! As we approach this upcoming basketball season, I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Michael Duncan regarding his thoughts on this year’s team. Last year, the season didn’t quite meet the expectations of Duncan and the team. Also, his mentality and goal …

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Tri-C Welcomes Magic Johnson for Presidential Scholarship Luncheon

By Robert Fenbers and Kayla Julian   The 2015 Presidential Scholarship Luncheon had quite a different feel this year as Tri-C partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers to welcome Magic Johnson for the event. The Renaissance Hotel hosted the event on the afternoon of Oct. 8. Many past and present from Tri-C were in attendance including …

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Recreational Fun on the Weekends

By Catherine Cesa   The Recreation Department at Tri-C’s Western Campus offers several open activities for students, faculty and staff members, and senior citizens are able to enjoy during the Fall Semester. If you are someone who likes to be in the water then take advantage of the open swimming pool. Located in the Recreation …

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