Improving Tri-C’s Dining Options

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By Catherine Cesa


Students from different countries and cultures are always looking for something quick to grab and eat between classes whether in the morning or afternoon.

At the Western Campus, the Westwood Café, located in the Student Service Building, offers a variety of foods for every appetite. The Café features a daily special, in addition to a selection of: pizzas, wraps, a selection of soups, a salad bar, hamburgers, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches, french-fries, as well as desserts. The above items are some of the tasty foods available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Also, Java City located on the lower lever of the Galleria, offers several varieties of delicious hot and cold beverages such as, fruit smoothies and coffee, among other things. Plus, students and visitors will notice the vending machines located throughout the campus.

I asked students, “What improvements would they recommend about the variety of food, hours of operation, and prices at both Westwood Café and Java City”?

Yujang Jin, Madza Falu, Rachelle Mercure, and Marisela Rodriguez agreed that, “it would be great if they had food choices from different cultures and countries, and Westwood should have healthier food including more fruit and options for the salad bar.” Ali Monsour, mentioned that, ‘‘besides having a greater variety of food, Westwood Café and Java City should have more awareness of food allergies.” Susan Holt, and others anonymous students believe ”the food prices at Westwood Café and Java City are too high, and they should lower the food prices so they will be affordable for more students.” An evening student suggested that Westwood Cafe and Java City extend their hours for those students attending evening class.


Westwood Café and Java City could become a more desirable and affordable location for students by lowering food prices. This might even attract additional students and visitors to remain on campus, and dine instead of going to eat at other restaurants located off-campus.

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