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The Veterinarian Technician program of 2013-2014 has some of the star pupils available for adoption at no cost.

By Jeremy Hopkins, West Editor

Sun, one of the dogs the 2014 Vet Tech department has hosted. (Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)
Sun, one of the dogs the 2014 Vet Tech department has hosted.
(Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)

Buried at the end of the hall of the Health and Career Services wing (also known as Building A), is a lively little area.  It is filled with the sounds of animals playing, barking, and meowing.  The Vet Tech students spend all year working with these animals, getting to know them inside and out.  When the students wrap up their year on campus, the animals they treated also get their final grades.


2104 Vet Tech - Joy (Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)
2104 Vet Tech – Joy
(Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)

But this is not the end for these animals.  Tri-C offers these pets free of charge to anybody willing to adopt them.  All the shots are up to date, and thanks to the year long program and attention, a lot of information is known about these bundles of joy.  You might have heard some of the dogs barking while you were in the area.  If you are by the back pond, you might have seen some of the dogs out for a walk.  Believe it or not, not all of the dogs are pets of community members.  Some of these fellows are high-strung, and some are laid back.

Kukwa indicated that some of the pets in the program “already have potential homes.”  Students of the program have been known to adopt some of the animals they have been caring for over the course of a year.  For those that aren’t spoken for by program students, though, there are some to remember.

Joe, one of the dogs hosted by the 2014 Vet Tech program. (Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)
Joe is ready to meet you.
(Photo courtesy of Audrey Kukwa)

“We always like a potential owner to bring in their dog to meet the dog they want to adopt,” Kukwa stated.  She added that the fenced in yard is nice to have, but it is not always mandatory.  And if it does not work out between you and your new pet, there is a return policy: 30 days for dogs and 60 days for cats.

These animals are on a first-come, first-basis.  If you see someone you like,don’t delay; they may not be available later.  (You don’t have to take them with you to class.)  Just be warned: if you try the “my dog ate my homework” line, the Vet Tech team is capable of checking this out.

Select photos of some of the cats have been posted already, but the dogs have not had a chance to pose until now.  Check out the full gallery here.  If you are interested, contact Audrey Kukwa at 216/ 987/ 5311, or

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