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SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 • ISSUE NO. 1, VOL 17 MAKE COLLEGE EASIER, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LIBRARY By Francesca Demming School has started, homework is piling up and students are scrambling to prepare for tests and quizzes. Many students need help with research but don’t know where to go. Well the library at the Eastern Campus is …

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Hip-hop Homecoming

The hip-Hop homecoming here at Tri-C’s Metro campus Sept. 25-27 was a week of astonishing events for students, faculty, and families. Featuring two legendary DJ’s of Hip-Hop. Metro Campus started the week events with an open mic segment on Sept. 25, where the students showcased their talents. From rapping, singing, poetry, and break dancing. Tri-C’s …

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2014-2015 Men’s Basketball Preview Jerrell L. Tyree On September 23, 2014, The Voice had a chance to sit in on practice with Tri-C’s basketball team for the 2014-2015 upcoming season’s condition session. We had the privilege to speak with a few of this year’s promising players, as well as coach Mike Duncan. With the new …

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Keys to a Winning Campaign

College Efforts Tax Increase to Make Ends Meet By Darryl Maddox Metro Staff Reporter Cuyahoga County voters will decide this November whether to support an existing levy, plus an increase, that will benefit Tri-C. Right now, the college is putting major effort to educate voters of the property tax. Passage is needed or the college …

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President Bush Speaks About 9/11 in Cleveland 13 Years Later

Bush Recounts Details of Learning About Hijackings By Brian Fuchik Metro Staff Reporter CLEVELAND — The horrific memory of September 11th, 2001, is still fresh in the minds of Americans — especially in President George Bush’s mind as he recounted those personal moments at a Tri-C scholarship fundraiser, Sept. 11, 2014. After a moment of …

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Biz Markie and DJ Swamp Performs at HipHop Homecoming at Metro

By Lauren Mangan Be sure to catch music icons Biz Markie and DJ Swamp this Friday as they entertain a crowd at 7:30 p.m. in the Metro Mainstage Theatre. General Admission is $20, but Tri-C students pay $5, and other students pay $10. Biz Markie is best known for his hit “Just a Friend” and …

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