Eastern Campus Food Pantry

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Making a Difference in a Student’s Life

By, Sharmayne Schaffer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the holidays are quickly approaching, Many Tri-C students are already stocking up for Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, there are still a significant amount of students whose kitchen cabinets are close to bare. Tri-C’s Eastern Campus Food Bank, originally started by the Western Campus Student Government three years ago, provides food and toiletries donated by other students, faculty and staff to students in need. Located in the East Education Center (Room 100), the pantry is filled with non-perishable items that appear to be enough to feed more 200 students.

“It’s been a worthwhile endeavor because we do have students come through who are in need,” said Director of Student Life Rita McKinley, and we don’t ask questions.” Eastern Campus students with a Tri-C identification card will be able to choose up to 10 to 12 items of food or toiletries. “To me, the food pantry is my baby,” said Student Government member Scott Michael. “I generally enjoy helping others and knowing that I made a difference in their lives.”

Want to join the movement? Student Government will gladly accept all donations in the East Education Center (Room 100). Donate today!

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