The Multi-cultural Club

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By Rashe’d Whatley

The Multicultural Club is one of many clubs at Tri-C’s Eastern Campus that seeks new and old members for 2015 and 2016. The first revival of the club was in 2010 and the second was in 2013.

Attendance at meetings and events are usually filled with ESL and International students. The ESL Dept. has been beneficial to the club but membership is often sporadic. Club President Leah Contreras, a student from Central America, and Vice President Shalini Patel, a student from India, each give a true world experience to the club.

Club Advisor Lori Brindinsi shared her thoughts on the benefits of joining the Multi cultural Club.

“The Multicultural Club is an active and dynamic studentorganization on the Eastern campus that facilitates cross-cultural friendships and helps build bonds between students from all over campus,” she said. “It has really grown in size since it was re-started during Fall semester 2013, and everyone is welcome to participate. The students really have a good time together, and it’s great to see them share and learn about each other’s cultures!”

For more info about the Multi-cultural Club, you can e-mail Advisor Lori Brindisi at or go to the ESS Building in the International Student Services office.

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