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April 2015 archive

Editorial: Are You Sitting Next To A Sex Offender?

  Written By: Angela Wolfe, Metro Editor-in-Chief Further research conducted by the Voice staff of registered sex offenders attending Cuyahoga Community College found an alarming number of registered sex offenders who have failed to report Tri-C as their school. This is a direct violation of the student code of conduct’s general provisions, according to the …

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Letter To The Editor: A Response From A Registered Tier III Sex Offender

  Written By: Anonymous I read the article posted in The Voice, March 23, 2015, titled “Editorial: Sex Offenders Mingling With Minors” and I would like to comment on this subject. It has taken me a few days to digest the material presented and several feelings come to mind to describe how I felt about the article. Shocked, disturbed, and …

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Do you think Tri-C has a Stigma Attached to its Reputation, because it’s a 2-year Institution

By: Taras Ustrytskyy “I don’t feel that there’s a difference between a four-year and a two-year at the end of the day. You go to Yale or something, and it’s like ‘Oh! You go to Yale!’ Ohio State, Cleveland State, it’s just the name itself that has people like, ‘Yeah, I want to go there!’ …

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By: Dalton Ulm There is a common belief among many high school graduates and college-aged students that institutions like Cuyahoga Community College have recently developed a “Tri-High”-like stigma. Although this misconception may be somewhat true, some theories say it is attributed to the rising cost of four-year colleges and universities. It is obvious that Tri-C …

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Gorgeous Gardens of Tri-C

B y Melanie Elli There are many new groups and organizations that you are aware of when you first attend college. New students try many different things when they first enroll in college, such as meeting new people or joining clubs. One of the best places to go is the Tri-C Garden Center. The garden …

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The Rubber Band Effect

By Catrina Leone Do you ever feel like your life is like a rubber band? Stretching back and forth, back and forth until it eventually snaps…? I have been in that position multiple times. Stress and anxiety are killers for the mind, body, heart and soul. As we near the end of the semester, I …

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