Tornado Safety Tips

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Tornadoes are unpredictable and dangerous, even deadly. The average warning is only 2-3 minutes but often there is no lead time. You need to be ready at all times. The majority of tornadoes in Ohio occur in May, June, and July. Afternoon to early evening is the most common time as between 2 PM and 8 PM accounts for 60 percent of tornadoes.

If a tornado hits remember these safety tips: 1) seek shelter in a basement, if there is no basement afirst floor will suffice but be sure to avoid windows and seek shelter under a sturdy table if possible; 2) most buildings have a designated shelter for tornadoes, find out where they are so you are ready in the event of an emergency, 3) if you are in a car, get out and lie in a ditch or a ravine if you are unable to reach a safe structure.

The center of a room is the safest place to be. Corners tend to attract debris which may be hurling through the air at high speed. Remember to always cover your head in the standard tornado drill posture. Curl up in a ball with your hands and arms protecting your head.

In 2014 Ohio was hit by 20 tornadoes, down from 31 in 2013. This shows how unpredictable weather can be. Although we know the causes of tornadoes, we are unable to accurately predict the frequency and severity with any certainty. Being prepared and planning can save your life even in the most severe emergency situations.

You can never outrun a tornado so don’t try to do so. They are unpredictable and extremely fast. The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness recommends you use the DUCK program.

D-Go DOWN to the lowest level

U-Get UNDER something

C-COVER your head

K-KEEP in shelter until the storm has passed

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Tornado forming in the sky. Image from Mourgefile
Tornado forming in the sky. Image from Mourgefile
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