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May 2015 archive

Challengers Split Series with Sinclair

By Robert Fenbers In their final series of the season, Tri-C proved they could hang with the best of the best, while earning some respect along the way.  Game 1:                                                         After a 30 minute delay, due to a miscommunication on the start time with the umpires, the series finale was underway. The Challengers came out …

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Minor Tri-C Student Speaks Out About An Alleged Sexual Attack On Campus…

By: Angela Wolfe, Metro Editor-in-Chief An allegation of kidnapping and forced rape of a minor student took place here at the Metro Campus. According to the police report obtained by the Voice News from the Tri-C Police Department, what started out as sketchy consensual relationship between a 29 year old male student and a minor …

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Confident Challengers Prepare for Season Finale Showdown with Sinclair

By: Robby Fenbers Of all the uncertainty going into this season, there was one thing the Challengers knew wouldn’t change, their toughest opponent would be Sinclair. The Challengers have held their own all season in the OCCAC conference (11-9) and sit in 2nd place behind Sinclair Community College. Having already shattered their 12 win total …

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