An Open Door To The Arts: Tri-C is offering free yearlong memberships to The Cleveland Museum of Arts to 1,000 students

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By Tamara Jackson


Tri-C has opened a door to the arts by joining with the Cleveland Museum of Art and extending 1000 free one-year, non-renewable memberships to its students. By receiving these memberships, students have the chance to explore and learn through different events and art functions around the museum.


The membership with CMA is loaded with perks that include free unlimited admission to all ticketed exhibitions and discounted tickets to museum concerts, films, and events. First dibs on Solstice summer party tickets are also discounted for CMA membership holders. Students are allowed 15 percent discount in the museum store and 10 percent in the museum cafeteria. Student drivers are even provided with discounted flat-rate parking excluding special events. How sweet is that?


Tri-C has provided a great opportunity to learn more about art; an opportunity that students should take advantage of. “I think that it’s interesting for students to get into. They can learn a lot about the different styles of different paintings and painters,” said Devin Burrell, Art major. “Students should accept these types of opportunities that are offered.”

Even High Tech students are offered the chance to expand their knowledge. High Tech student, Angelica Hariston feels that “It is a great way for us to learn about art, especially us younger kids that don’t really get out there to learn on our own about culture and arts. So yeah, great idea!”

Tri-C is strongly encouraging students to support community organizations, art organizations, and to give back to the community. With 1000 free memberships to give away, Tri-C is hoping that they get as many students as they can to participate so that they can offer more in the future. Paul Cox, Dean of Creative Arts says, “This could be every year for 20 years. But, students can only sign up for one…that way we can provide benefits to newer students coming in.”

But you’ve got to hurry! The deadline to sign up for the membership is October 19, 2015. To sign up for the membership, log on to your my Tri-C space account and click on “Tri-C Life” in the menu bar. On the lower left part of the page will be a description and link for the CMA membership. This membership is open for students and faculty.

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