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Tri-C… 100% Smoke Free?

By Angela Wolfe   As you step on to any one of the Cuyahoga Community College campuses on the first day of the Fall 2016 semester, you will immediately notice something is missing. Smoke!   Meghan Estes, District Director for Health and Wellness, and head of the Smoke-Free Taskforce, was elated to share the news …

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Heard in the Hallways

By Sharmayne Schaffer   What are your thoughts on Issue 3?

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Japanese Grant Takes the Program to New Heights

By Tailyn Nevels   Tri-C has been awarded a 30,000 grant from the Japan Foundation to expand its Japanese language program. The new grant may possibly open doors for more Japanese courses. The college is hoping to hire a full-time instructor for the program. Not only will it provide students with more lecture courses, but …

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Against: Issue 3: Ohio’s Fight for Legalization

By Anthony Travagliante   Vote No In November issue 3, the legalization of marijuana, will hit the ballot. Marijuana is one of the up and coming topics of today. From the republican nation debate to you every day person, everyone is talking about Marijuana, but is it the right choice? Statistically speaking marijuana is doing …

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For: Issue 3: Ohio’s Fight for Legalization

By Litho Freeman   Vote Yes On November 3rd, 2015 Ohioans will have the decision to vote in or out the legalization of marijuana. If Issue 3 passes, Ohio will become the fifth state to allow medical and recreational marijuana use. Marijuana use has been rising since 2007 and is now the most used illegal …

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