Japanese Grant Takes the Program to New Heights

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By Tailyn Nevels


Tri-C has been awarded a 30,000 grant from the Japan Foundation to expand its Japanese language program.

The new grant may possibly open doors for more Japanese courses. The college is hoping to hire a full-time instructor for the program. Not only will it provide students with more lecture courses, but it will make it easier for students take classes in both the culture and language of Japanese.

While some students might find the program to be difficult, many agree that the benefits are plentiful.

“You can’t equate fun for a learning experience,” said Tri-C language instructor Lena Vidahl. “Japan is the most invested country in Ohio. Japanese people look for those who can speak the language”.

Students are also excited about the broadening of the program. LaStarza Mcknight, a student at Tri-C’s Eastern Campus believes the program will expose a lot of people to the Japanese culture.

“It is a great program and extends a lot of people’s prospects,” she said.

Many Japanese professors believe all student should be able to learn about the Japanese culture and language. They think students of all majors should be able to choose elective courses and or credit courses from the Japanese program list. They also hope to expand the knowledge of the culture in the college as Japan becomes a leading country. Though many of these ideas are still a work in progress, it may be something that students will enjoy.

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