The New Metro Campus Center

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Renovations are on the way, but brace yourself: It will take 2 years

By Angela Wolfe


If you have recently visited Cuyahoga Community College’s Metro Campus Center (MCC), you know that the outdated, three-story-structure that houses the cafeteria is in need of major repairs and renovations.
Luckily, Tri-C administration agrees, and considers this a “high-priority project.” Which has lead to the approval of $31.2 million for a complete overhaul of this – as leadership refers to as – “ a vintage building.”


According to a statement from the Metro Campus President, Michael Schoop, “The project will consist of a complete renovation of the entire MCC and its immediate surrounding site work. Existing functions in the MCC include: central food service and cafeteria; early college programming; the student life department; the women in transition program; and part of the Public Safety department.”


The transformation is scheduled to begin August 2016, and is expected to last 2-years; causing the closing of the building for the duration of the renovations, leaving us all wondering, where will students eat?  Where will the 300 High-Tech Academy students cohort? Heck, where will The Voice newspaper office be located during this transition?


Well, it’s too early to say.

However, in a very preliminary meeting called by Dr. Schoop and comprised of representatives from each area directly effected by the changes, Bialosky + Partners Architects, architects for the project, provided space relocation blueprints, and strategies were discussed.


According to Metro Presidents office, “We are working on identifying and preparing swing-space for services and departments, as well as finalizing the design process.”


One option for relocation moved some offices to the ground floor of the recreation center; another option alluded to temporary on-site work trailers. As for the cafeteria, mini eateries throughout the campus were offered as a viable solution, and the Unified Technology Center (UTC) auditorium was looked at as a possible location for High-Tech Academy.


The unknowns surrounding the fate of the cafeteria was a shock to some students, “That’s going to be a bummer” said Demetric Bell, Visual Communication and Design student. “We spend so much time on campus, where will we find a quality meal?”


”If they are going to do the renovations, which from the looks of things are necessary, then they must also find a way to serve hot and healthy food.” Said Kirsten Cooper, Graphic Design Student.
After renovations, new functions in the MCC will include: enhanced food service and dining facilities; a Welcome Center; campus administration; a large event space and related amenities for internal and external events; student lounge space; study rooms; and the entire Public Safety Department.
Also, in the college’s effort to promote environmental responsibility and efficiency in the use of resources, this project is targeting as a minimum, LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Which means, not only will institution be saving money and resources in the long-run, but will also have a positive impact on the health of the beings within, all while advocating for clean, renewable energy.

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