Tri-C East is proud to present TRiO Student Support Services

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By Tracy Hudson


TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federal program which helps students graduate with an associate degree or transfer to a 4-year school for a bachelor’s degree. The program started at the Eastern Campus on September 1, 2015 and there are already over 100 student applicants. Some of the services TRiO offers to students include one-on-one academic tutoring, mentoring, financial literacy, transfer assistance, scholarships, personal counseling and a team of supporters for any challenges that students may face.

Since coming to the Eastern Campus, TRiO has helped students create an education plan that enables them to see how far they are from graduation. TRiO East makes learning fun by having engaging activities such as Cavs Jeopardy in which a set of Cavs tickets were given to the winners. Later this year, TRiO East will give scholarships to active students and have college tours to some four-year universities in Ohio. This program is free to students so don’t miss the opportunity to sign up.

Tiffany Wilder is the Student Advisor for TRiO Student Support Services at the Eastern Campus. As a former TRiO SSS student, she knows firsthand that it’s a great program.

“I have been a part of TRiO since 2009. I was a student in the Metro campus TRiO SSS program,” says Tiffany. “This experience was awesome! TRiO SSS was my support system. When I took classes at the Western Campus, I became one of the first Western campus students to graduate. I transferred to Cleveland State University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, and became a TRiO SSS student there as well. My journey with TRiO SSS has been more than amazing! To be the Student Advisor for our new Eastern Campus program, is so exciting! I love having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with our Tri-C students.”

Trevor Sanshuck has been a TRiO East student since it started this semester.

“I study a lot and with having the tools right in front of me and great opportunities around me, I plan on taking advantage to meet my academic goals,” says Trevor. “I would like Tri-C students to know that TRiO is a great program and it’s a way for students to get help while being pointed in the right direction to succeed.”

TRiO is committed to the dream of education for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic circumstances. Students should apply to have an on-campus support system to ensure that they are successful and continue on the right path to graduate.

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