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November 2015 archive

Heard in the Hallways

By Robert Fenbers   With the Cavs coming so close to winning an NBA championship last year, The Voice took to the hallways of Tri-C to find out if students believe they win it all in 2016.

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A Look Back on a Rough Season

Kayla Julian   The Cuyahoga Challengers Women’s Volleyball team had a tough season. As we look back from their time on the court, it wasn’t an impressive display for the ladies. However off the court, it was a different scenario. I had the opportunity to speak with Holly Hoffman, the 5′ 5″ freshman setter from …

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Football Program still unavailable to interested Tri-C student athletes

by Rommel Thorpe   With all the talent Northeast Ohio produces on the football field every year, it’s no wonder that Ohio is a hotbed for college coaches to recruit players. But what about the players that don’t get the opportunity to play at the collegiate level? Be it low grades or financial trouble, there …

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Excellence Through Assistance

By: Alaina Bradley   Are you stressing out about class with finals steadily approaching? Do you need extra help? Luckily for you Tri-C offers a great solution for its students. The Tutoring Center at Tri-C Eastern Campus is a great resource for students who have little to extreme difficulty in any class. Tutoring Center offers …

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Students Reach New Heights in Tri-C’s Honors Program

By Melanie Ellis   At Tri-C, opportunity presents itself to college students in the form of various programs and activities to help further their education. Whether it’s Degree in 3 or Community Education, these programs can help students improve themselves academically. One of the programs that can help students even further is the Tri-C Honors …

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Game Show with a Meaning…

On October 15th the gymnasium was full of anxious students looking to compete for cash prizes at the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Intensity Gameshow. Orlando Esrada, also known as Orlo Azul, has been doing this game show for 4 school years. The purpose of the gameshow is to inform students about drugs, alcohol, and even …

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