Student Spotlight: Isa Moore “Just Like That,” My Personal Story

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By: Tracy Hudson
Metro Editor-
Student Spotlight: Isa Moore “Just Like That,”
My Personal Story
Isa Moore became affiliated with Tri-C through a program called Gateway to College. He is 18 years old. He has a passion for writing stories, poetry and hip-hop. Hes also pursuing a medical career. Isa said,“I am currently writing a story, The Power of Love, however, it is nothing like how the title sounds.”
He is truly a talented writer. Isa wrote a story for his
English 1010 class titled, Just Like That, a personal story
of his life experiences. Below are excerpts from Just Like That: I’ve always wanted to tell this story; I just imagined a much more fantastical ending. I don’t believe in fairy tales or anything along those lines; I just feel like there are such things as happy endings. I said, Dz feel, dz but I guess I could say Dz believe, dz or anything along those lines, anything but Dz know dz. Honestly I don’t know in the end how everything will turnout and technically I never will. There has to be a lesson in here somewhere. It would be a lot easier if there were an outline or syllabus to let me know what kind of relationship I was getting myself into. Although, I guess that wouldn’t matter when the relationship is with your brother.BOOM BOOM BOOM!! Where I’m from there was only one kind of people
who knocked on anyone’s door that hard. Sadly, at the age of seven and eight, we
knew to run. They surrounded our house and we were stuck with the one option to hide upstairs. The police kicked down the door and searched the entire house…
 Now my mother was never ideal, but I didn’t need the ideal of a mother; I
needed a real live mother. We went to two different foster homes while my mom
went to jail. One thing I could say that was a blessing is that although my siblings were split up, I was able to stay with the closest one to me; his name is Quran. We were like conjoined twins. As we grew older and our dad had gained custody of us, we moved back to Cleveland, Ohio. I started to mature faster than he was. I was an honor roll student; he was a genius who loved to make mischief… My father found out he was doing these things again and told him either stop or leave. He chose to leave. It’s been two
years and the guy I thought, of all people, would never leave me left. Just like that I
lost everything I thought I knew about love, brotherhood, trust, sacrifice, loyalty,everything…
Isa is already on the rise to success, in spite of–or maybe because of.

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