Hillary Clinton Revving Up Support in Cleveland

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The Recreation Center at Tri-C’s Metro campus was transformed into a Presidential
Headquarter with bright lights and American flags hanging
throughout the center. “Thank you all so very much. I am excited to be back here
in Cleveland,” Clinton said.“I am so pleased to be here with you all to be able to talk about the campaign and the fact that this will be a busy week here in Ohio.”Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally was about building a future to live to your full potential
no matter where you come from. As president, Hillary Clinton will breakdown the barriers that hold Americans back with strength, courage and determination.Running for President should not be about delivering insults, it should be about results. Build on what made America great in the first place, energy, optimism, openness and creativity.
Everyone who works hard and does their part should be able to say, they can make it in America.
Hillary Clinton made a pitch about education, economic plans, healthcare, women’s rights, gun control,
social issues, just to name a few. She discussed creating more jobs and bringing jobs back to America. If companies walk out on America, they have to pay the price. She want companies to know if they ship jobs oversees they will have to give back the tax breaks. Because that money can be used to invest in
communities that are left behind. If company’s cheat their employees, exploit their customers, pollute the environment, or rip off the taxpayer, they will be held accountable. If businesses do the right thing, they will reap the reward; insuring, innovation, investment and sharing profits with workers not just
shareholders and top managers. I hope you make your voice and your vote count too. This has been so far a campaign focused on the issues. “I am proud of the campaigns that Senator Sanders and I are running,”says Clinton.”Don’t let anybody tell you we can’t make it in America anymore. We can, we are and we will,”Clinton said.

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