Students’ Views On “Rate My Professor”

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By: Tammy Merritt, West Contributing Writer

Are you a student trying to find a class that fits your busy schedule and you have found it to be a bit challenging and stressful to accomplish? Not to mention, trying to find the right teacher with a particular teaching style that you can adapt to.

There’s a review site called Rate my Professor where students can go on to see other students’ views on a professor. However, awareness is key while you are on the site trying to find out about a professor, their class and learning techniques. The reviews obtained on there may not be reliable. Although students have the ability to rate a teacher, one person’s views are often different from the next.

A couple of Tri-C students shared their views about rate my professor:

Destinee Perez, Associate of Applied Science: I have never commented on Rate my Professor, but I like it because you can see the rates and comments the students put on the website. I think the website can be misleading and is somewhat reliable because you can see other student’s opinions. However, sometimes the students just put whatever they want, maybe because they did not pass the class.

Aleicia Conner, Psychology major: I have commented on Rate my Professor and viewed the comments. I think Rate my Professor could be a good source for students because it can give you insight on how the class is structured. I would say it’s probably 50% reliable because students don’t always tell the truth and a situation that may have happened in the class doesn’t always have to do with them and they would comment as if it pertained to them.

Remember, while some may agree with the ratings and comments, there are others that disagree.

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