Heard in the Hallways: The Student Voices on College Improvement

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By Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer



What changes would you like to see at Tri-C?


Curtis Leonard

Major: Liberal Arts

“A better connection with counselors instead of an in and out kind of a thing. Also a shuttle bus in the parking lot to bring people in from the far reaches of the parking areas.”


Mariee Rausmussen

Major: Associate of Arts

“I would like to be able to login to the computers in the TLC just a bit faster because it takes forever and then I’m late for class trying to print out my essay. That would be awesome!”




How Can Faculty Better Connect with their Students?


Julia D.

Undecided Major

“Professors should care more, be more attentive, not as strict or not as unresponsive to their students. Teachers should care whether their students pass or fail instead of just handing out assignments; the student does the work to the best of their ability then turns it in on time but then find out it doesn’t meet the standards of the instructor.”


Abby Cook

Major: Associate of Science

“Better ways for teachers to communicate with their students shouldn’t just be through blackboard, Tri-c email or what the teacher prefers; it should also be what the student prefers as well like personal emails.”


Marcedes Mitchell

Major: Veterinary Tech

“Have a more personal connection with the students instead of just academically. Once you have a more personal connection with students it out beats everything else”

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