Bang Bang You’re Dead!

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By: Alaina Bradley, East Staff Writer

On March 24, 2017, Tri-C creative arts department at Eastern Campus presented Bang Bang You’re Dead!, a play addressing bullying and gun violence in schools. This play was directed by Pamela Harwood and written by William Mastrosimone.

The play opens with Josh, the lead character played by Derek Amato, who is in a jail cell for killing six students who bullied him previously, one of which was his dear friend.  Josh then takes us on the dark journey of events that led him to be where he is today and it’s up  to the jury to decide whether Josh is guilty or not.

With the powerful acting skills and the message the play conveys this is an event not to be missed! Bang Bang You’re Dead! is a powerful and insightful production as it touches on a disturbing subject that still occurs in schools today and even colleges. It makes you think of the responsibility that we have as human beings to help one another.

Bang Bang You’re Dead! is an hour of pure emotions; it will make you laugh, cry and think. It will challenge you to become a better person and always choose to do the right thing.

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