West Art Club

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West Art Club

By Jazmin Johnson

Artwork by Samantha Nu

Art Club has come together along with Taylor Woolwine (Assistant Professor of Art at Tri-C Western Campus) meeting once a week since the middle of October.  Every week the club decides on artwork prompts to submit and discuss the following meeting. The range of the discussion can go from what utensils were used, coloring, what was the inspiration behind the work, and hear others share their opinion. Some of those creative prompts was a spider, black cat, monsters, comics, cartoons and many more. This club is also resourceful when seeking art directive, learning how to submit and publish your art and get many ideas from fellow club members.  Art Club recently just held their elections for officers as follows:  

  • Pres – Zoe Staley 
  • Vice Pres – Holly Creeger 
  • Secretary- Gwen Baker 
  • Treasurer – Solana Santiago 

Art Club just recently took their first trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art on November 13th where all the members got together and did sketches while practicing safety precautions due to covid-19. These sketches were also shared in the previous meeting. I also had a chance to interview to members about their Art Club experience. 

1. Jazmin: “Hi, can you please state your name and position in art club (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, senator, member etc…) here at Tri-C”. 

Zoe: “Zoe Staley, President of Art Club!”. 

Gwendolyn: “Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Baker and I am the secretary for the art club”. 

2. Jazmin: “What interested you to be part of the Art Club?” 

Zoe: “I joined last year because I was in Taylor’s (the art club instructors) drawing 2 class & had a couple classmates who wanted to also join”. 

Gwendolyn: “Overall, my love for art is what drew me into being a part of the club. I am apart of Professor Woolwine’s drawing I class where he brought up the club for the first time, and he added me to the mailing list. I am so incredibly glad that I joined the club, it’s a ton of fun and everyone is great!” 

3. Jazmin: “What is your art background?” 

Zoe: “I’ve been drawing my whole life but also have experience in ceramics, jewelry making, painting, sculpting, and candle making”. 

Gwendolyn: “I am mainly self-taught and started pursuing art as a hobby when I was about 10 years old. I took quite a few art classes in high school as well as in college now. I am majoring in graphic design, which I am very excited about”. 

 4. Jazmin: What inspires you when it comes to Art?  

Zoe: “I love bright colors and human figures. I also enjoy abstract art and trying to incorporate bold shapes and designs”.  

Gwendolyn: “Sometimes I find myself in a slump when it comes to making art, but between the art club weekly prompts and participating in my friend group’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which I love to draw for, I’m always finding new inspiration. I also get really inspired when I see other people’s artwork, so sharing through the art club is great for me”. 

5. Jazmin: What was your favorite art prompt so far and why?  

Zoe: “I like this week’s prompt for “recreating a famous painting.” I’m excited to see what poses everyone can do and how similar we may look to past paintings!”  

Gwendolyn: “So far, I’d say my favorite art prompt we’ve done so far was “draw a superhero/cartoon”. I love illustration and character art, so it was something that I am personally interested in and enjoy doing. Although, this week’s art prompt is to recreate a famous painting, which I think is so fun and I am really looking forward to it”. 

6. Jazmin: Since Art Club classes are remote now due to COVID-19, how are you transitioning doing artwork independent at home now?  

Zoe: “It’s a lot harder to find inspiration and motivation but I’ve still found ways to finish all my homework and still make some time for my own personal projects. It’s nice to have art club meetings every week to help communicate with other artists and see all of their amazing works!”  

Gwendolyn: “I’d say I’m transitioning to it well! I personally am used to doing a lot of my artwork at home rather than in a classroom, so it isn’t all that different. All my professors are doing an amazing job at explaining things that need to be done in this virtual environment, so that helps a lot. I think that the fact that we are all still able to share art with each other through the art club, despite COVID-19, is awesome. The prompts each week always give me something to do outside of schoolwork”. 

Anyone is encouraged to join and get involved every Monday at 4pm.  Please email taylor.woolwine@tri-c.edu for the Zoom link to join or any further information.  

These submissions below are some of the member’s artwork from the past meetings. 

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