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By Christina Easter 

One thing I enjoy about Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) is how each of the campuses has its personality but still makes me feel like I’m at “Tri-C.” This is something I noticed almost twenty years ago when I stepped foot on my first campus.

While each campus has its unique design, it’s when you walk between the walls and interact with others that you realize it’s one Tri-C. 

My first experience at Tri-C came when I took a business class at the Metro campus. But it wasn’t until I started volunteering with the Jazz Fest that I began to see that Tri-C has its own culture. My volunteer service led me to the Eastern campus where my initial thought, which still is with me, is that the campus was different from Metro.  

Recently, I began to visit the Eastern campus more as I watch and cover the women’s Volleyball and women’s Basketball teams for this publication. I enjoy walking around this campus because it feels so new and spacious. I also get the “Tri-C culture” feeling when I speak with faculty and staff, who like at the other campuses, are more than willing to get an answer to your questions with a smile in their voice. 

The Western campus is my music vibe campus. I first visited this campus when I took Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). Fortunately for me, the instructor recommended that I take a music reading skills course to understand how music is made. From there, I took traditional music theory and was blown away as the professor was unbelievable. For one, you rarely sat down during class, we (the students) were always at the board writing as we were learning. And two, we took a quiz or a test every week to reinforce what we were learning. 

I say that Tri-C has its own culture because I feel equally comfortable learning and engaging with the faculty, staff, and students no matter which campus I’m at for whatever reason. I also really like how when I drive up and see the different landscapes, I know I’m at Tri-C when I walk the corridors of either campus.   

I’m aware that I left out the Westshore campus and that’s because … Well I haven’t been there yet. I drive by it all the time but haven’t stopped in. When I do, I expect it to have its vibe while also letting me know

I’m at Tri-C. 

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