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A Source That Covers All the Bases for Tri-C Students  

Written by Isabella Cerveira  

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College student life is busy, and during the academic journey to get a higher education, Cuyahoga Community College teamed up with Project Go!, which aims to help students overcome obstacles related to food, housing, childcare, utilities, and health care, making the college years less stressful and smoother. The interview with Mrs. Paige Crawford, who is the Program Coordinator for the project at Tri-C, helped spread more information about the project’s objective, how it works, who can benefit from it, and the steps to join the project. 

Cerveira: Can you give us the lowdown on what Project Go! is all about and how it helps Tri-C students deal with money? 

Mrs. Crawford: Benefits Access/Project Go! provides free services to assist qualifying Tri-C students with additional resources that can ease financial challenges so that they may focus on their education. The program seeks ways to eliminate barriers to college completion. 

Cerveira: How does Project Go! team up with Tri-C to make college life smoother, and what’s the deal with the program helping students on their education journeys? 

Mrs. Crawford: Benefits Access/Project Go! representatives are available to meet with students from any Tri-C campus either virtually or in-person to discuss various community resources that can provide direct assistance to meet their needs. 

Cerveira: So, how does Project Go! tackle things like food, housing, childcare, utilities, and health care for students who need a hand with that stuff? 

The Project Go! staff teams up with partner agencies to refer students to organizations that directly provide the services students need. 

Regarding food, Tri-C works hand in hand with the Tri-C Student Food Pantry to ensure that food and hygiene products are available for students. Students can check out Tri-C’s website on the pantry to see hours of operation for each campus.

To support students in need of housing, members of Project Go! team helps individual students on any campus apply for housing vouchers through EDEN Housing and the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA). Additionally, if a student is currently homeless, our benefits navigators will work to help the student identify an emergency shelter. 

For utilities, Project Go! representatives can assist students in the Cleveland Housing Network application process to obtain assistance with paying utilities. Staff also help students apply for public benefits including SNAP (Food Stamps), Medical, and Childcare through the state of Ohio Benefits site. 

Project Go! staff are trained to identify resources for Tri-C students. Those mentioned above are just a few of the many that are available to assist students to meet their basic needs and remain in college. 

Cerveira: If students want the scoop on Project Go! What is the best way to find out more, and what steps should they take to get in on those resources? 

Mrs. Crawford: To find out more about Benefits Access/Project Go! Students can search for keywords Benefits Access or Project Go on Tri-C’s website. Here, students can obtain more information about Project Go! check out frequently asked questions or refer to a student who is in need. 

Suppose anyone has further questions about Project Go! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Program Coordinator, Paige Crawford by phone at:

(216) 987-4763 or by email at 

Cerveira: For first-timers hitting college life, what kind of backup does Project Go! offer to make the jump into the Tri-C scene easier? Is there any cool mentorship or guidance stuff for them along the way? 

Mrs. Crawford: Project Go! partners with other Tri-C departments to meet students’ needs. Tri-C already has a First Year Experience (FYE). The First Year Experience (FYE) course helps new students start their Tri-C careers on the right path, connects students to other College personnel, and helps students engage in the campus community. Project Go! staff may receive referrals from First Year Tri-C students in need of additional assistance beyond the information they received during their First-Year Experience course. 

Regarding mentorship, Project Go! collaborates with the Black American Council, which has been a part of Tri-C since 1969. The Black American Council supports student retention and academic success through its mentoring program, which connects students with faculty and staff members who can help them grow and develop. Students interested in becoming a mentee can apply online, Click here!

FAQ: How does Project Go! look out for the vets at Tri-C? Any special help or resources for them? 

Mrs. Crawford: In efforts not to duplicate programs and services, Project Go! Staff will connect any Veteran students to Tri-C’s Veteran and Military-Connected Services (VMCS) program. This department is here to assist Veterans as well as those who are military-connected. There is a VMCS center at each of the four campuses. Additionally, there are also Veterans Campus Support Teams on each campus. Students can find team members from each campus on their website, Click here!

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