Time Management Tips for College Success 

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By Isabella Cerveira

Time management is crucial for college success. As a sophomore at Cuyahoga Community College, I have learned how important it is to balance schoolwork and other responsibilities. Managing my time well has helped me understand complex subjects and get good grades. 

I have used various tools and methods to manage my time effectively. Websites, phone apps, and books have been helpful in organizing my schedule. In addition to my college work, I have other commitments like internships, scholarship meetings, and writing for The Voice, so it’s important to juggle everything efficiently. 

Even though I tend to procrastinate, I have been working on improving this habit. When I started my classes, I tried to understand why I procrastinate and how to stop it. Reading a book called “Procrastination” by Lilian Soares gave me some valuable tips based on research. 

I also found some great tips online for better managing my time. I discovered the Eisenhower Matrix, a simple tool for organizing tasks by their importance and urgency. This method has made it easier to see what I must focus on first and reduced my stress levels. 

I have also used phone apps to make lists of tasks in order of priority, which has helped me stay organized. These tools have been crucial in balancing my college work and other activities, leading to opportunities like internships and improving my skills. 

Being organized is a big part of managing time well. I have used my calendar and phone reminders to keep track of important dates and deadlines. This has made it easier to stay on top of everything and avoid forgetting anything important. 

Overall, flexibility and attention to detail are important skills for managing time effectively, especially when unexpected things come up. Establishing a routine and setting clear priorities has made it easier for me to manage my college workload and other responsibilities. 

In conclusion, developing good time management skills is essential for college students to balance their studies with other commitments. These skills are also valuable for future careers, helping stay organized and effectively meet deadlines. 

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