The Eclipse and Being Human 

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By Jasmin Lucas

Experiencing the solar eclipse was nothing less than magical for me. It was a national event, with people agreeing to unite for those crucial minutes that the moon overtook the sun. I had never experienced anything like it, my neighborhood cheering as the street was bathed in darkness. 

It was a moment I will cherish, and hearing both of my brother’s excitedly cheer was priceless. When it comes to astronomical events like this, I believe it is important to be present. I feel that in our world, we believe that productivity is key. It is important to produce, to always have busy hands. Often people call their off days ‘Lazy days’ where they allow them selves to not engage in ‘productive’ activities. This view has become incredibly present today as we are inundated with people saying that being off for the solar eclipse is a waste. Students I knew blew it off, saying it was an excuse.  

To me, this is a harmful thought— we should be allowed to simply… exist. We should be allowed to view incredible astronomical events, and take days off to do it! The next solar eclipse will be viewable in twenty whole years! There’s also no guarantee that Cleveland will get another good view of this eclipse! 

I believe Tri-c made the correct choice giving us the day off, it certainly made my day better! If campus was open, there is no way I would have been able to see the eclipse. I also think that Tri-c concerns about traffic were certainly reasonable, people were coming in nationwide to see this astronomical wonder! Being able to take the day off also allowed me to spend this day with my family, and enjoy the weather.  

My younger siblings absolutely enjoyed themselves, in awe as the world turned dark around them. It was an unforgettable memory for them, one that I am sure they will carry throughout their lives.  

People lit fireworks when the eclipse’s darkness swallowed our neighborhood, colors in celebration. We heard people cheering, clapping ecstatically. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this much community here. 

It was a day I won’t ever forget. 

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