The MEHA Conference: Tri-C in Indiana 

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By Jasmin Lucas

Tri-C had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Mid-East Honors Association conference from April 12th-14th at Purdue Northwest in Indiana. Honors students from the Honors Program and Mandel Scholara Program were able to present and attend the conference too! 

This was an opportunity for students to share their passions in academia with people from all over the Mid-East. Students also engaged in networking, and had the privilege to attend other student’s presentations. Not only that, Tri-c students were also able to listen to keynote speakers, and enjoy dinner and lunch from the conference hosts.  

It was a magical weekend for Tri-c students, who expressed deep satisfaction from the event. Influential students were also interviewed by conference staff. 

Jasmin Lucas, a 4.0 Mandel Scholar was interviewed about the conference’s impact. Rashiadah Weaver, a Mandel Scholar, spoke on her advocacy throughout her Tri-c career.  

Weaver also presented her paper ‘Womb to Tomb’ about the health struggles that African American women are prone to endure. In the room with her were faculty from other schools, one notable person was Liz Kravanya, a large part of the Honors College at Cleveland State University. 

Cleveland State University also offered Tri-c honors students the opportunity to take a small trip to Chicago, Illinois on the 13th. There Tri-c students stopped at the Dubois Black History Museum, thoughtfully walking from exhibit to exhibit. They visited Millennium park, admiring the beautiful florals as they walked through. They learned the history of the park as they walked, excitedly engaging and asking questions to learn more about the Windy City. They stopped at the Cultural Center, and walked through the art gallery connected to it. They learned the Center’s connection to the Civil War, and the beauty in its architecture. Many students attending the trip expressed an inability to see Chicago before, and were extremely happy to be given the chance to marvel at the city. Finally, students enjoyed deep dish pizza as a group before heading back to the conference. 

The last day at MEHA, students had poster presentations. People were encouraged to walk around and ask students about their research, with faculty and students in attendance. For Tri-c students, multiple expressed their joy at being able to present research as undergraduate students— something they more so associate with a master’s level. 

Students and faculty alike displayed a positive view of tje conference on the bus ride back to Ohio. Emily Quayle, the head of the Mandel’s Continuing Scholars program at Tri-c also hinted at ongoing talks about the conference being held in Ohio… Here’s to next year’s MEHA conference! 

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