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News about Tri-C athletic teams and events

BASEBALL: Tri-C Challengers Win Three Games in a Row

Cuyahoga Community College’s baseball team, the Challengers, started strong on the nine-inning game against the Windsor Selects on September 22. Tri-C had a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning, with Dustin Redish pitching. Redish dominated the opposing team, almost inducing a no-hitter game for the Windsor Selects. The Challengers continued this show of strength into …

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Men’s Soccer: Challengers Are Victorious Against Lakeland CC

The score was 2-1. John Carroll University beat Cuyahoga Community College’s men’s soccer team, the Challengers, on September 5. Throughout the match, the referees made many questionable calls. During the second half of the game, Number 15 from John Carroll university was left injured, lying on the field, for over a minute. Some of the players, most of them …

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Women’s Volleyball

It’s been a rough start for Cuyahoga Community College’s women’s volleyball team, with an overall standing of three wins to 11 losses, as of September 15. But it’s not all bad. “Two of our girls have made the National Leader Board for the NJCAA [National Junior College Athletic Association], both freshmen–Sarah Leighliter for Kills per set and Kaye Paraon …

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Challengers Seek a Challenge

By: Dylan Doyle, East Staff Writer On Wednesday, February 22nd, our Tri-C women’s basketball team, the Challengers, played their final home game of the season at the Eastern Campus. They triumphed 96-45 against the Commodores from Lorain County Community College. This final home game also included a celebration of the school’s sophomores, featuring free hotdogs …

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Third Slot and Movin’ On Up at the OCCA Conference

By Brittany Bosowski, East Assistant Editor-in-Chief As we are reaching the end of the Women’s Basketball season, the players have continued to thrive under the direction of Head Coach Derrick Williams. When Coach Williams took over the position seven years ago, the team had only won three games in six years. “I live in Highland …

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Back and Better than ever

By Kayla Julian   Coach Michael Duncan: Back and Better Than Ever! As we approach this upcoming basketball season, I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Michael Duncan regarding his thoughts on this year’s team. Last year, the season didn’t quite meet the expectations of Duncan and the team. Also, his mentality and goal …

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