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ThRIve & the Entrepreneur Expo

By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor in Chief ThRIve is a business organization led by students at the Metro Campus that strives to promote entrepreneurship while positively impacting the community thru local engagement. Each year, Tri-C students contend for 1 of 4 coveted spots in the ThRIve office, where they can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and …

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True Life: Giving Back

By: Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer Team JESUS is a three-year nonprofit ministry that started with a family of five. They first began their journey from the trunk of their cars in hot climates of above 85 degrees, in rain, snow, sleet, and bitter cold temperatures in downtown Cleveland. Such locations where they have served …

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Tri-C and Diversity

By: John Kay, West Contributing Writer Cuyahoga Community College believes in the power and importance of diversity in education. The college’s stance on diversity has been a constant throughout the years and continues to develop to enable more student involvement. Tri-C has multiple campuses across Cuyahoga County, but its statement on diversity remains the same. …

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Clothes Help Transition from School to Work

By: Molly Black, Metro Staff Writer When people are making the transition from one life event to the next, oftentimes it can be difficult and frustrating. Concerns about having the proper attire to wear to work after not working for a while, is one refrain. Women in Transition (WIT) wants to help people get the …

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TRIO Student Support Services

By: Naleta Andrews, Metro Staff Writer College can be very overwhelming and sometimes it can be hard to get one-on-one tutoring in the student service center. If you’re serious about earning a degree from Cuyahoga Community College or if you need help transferring to a University, TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) can definitely help you. …

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5k For a Great Cause

By: Dylan Doyle, East Staff Writer On Sunday, October 16, 2016, over 300 people gathered outside the entrance of Tri-C’s Western Campus for the second annual Autumn Blaze 5k. The goal of the Autumn Blaze is to raise money to be split evenly between United Way of Greater Cleveland, Greater Cleveland Community Shares and United …

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