Campus Police Assists Presidential Visit

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By Amy Miler

When most people hear the title “Campus Security”, they are usually less than impressed. A nod of the head, coupled with an audible dismissal, is status quo. However, as most students at Cuyahoga Community College are aware, our campuses are patrolled by state-certified police officers. No “soy cops” here.

This was especially handy June 14, when President Obama honored Tri-C with a visit and catapulted it into an international spotlight. But what does it take to secure a venue for the most powerful man in the free world?

Well, that is confidential.

However, it did provide an opportunity to get to know what this peace force is really all about. Patrol Lieutenant Ronald Wynne is no stranger to “Dignitary Duty”. A police officer for 34 years now, Lt. Wynne has been providing presidential protection services since the Reagan era. In his 17 years at Tri-C alone, he has coordinated the security proceedings for former President Clinton three times, as well as Obama’s first two visits to Tri-C campuses.

Yet this is really only a small part of what they do. His enthusiasm for his work is not only still going strong, but seems to be contagious. It is very obvious that he believes in this school, and has seen firsthand the opportunities that are provided to the students here.

“There is nothing like a former student coming back and showing us a masters degree, or a doctorate, especially someone from our Student Patrol program,” Wynne said. “It’s great to be in a place that has such a positive impact on our community.”

The Student Patrol program is an employment opportunity, that can help students make financial ends meet. Another program that is sponsored by the campus police department is the Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy is a year-round program for kids ages 9-13 to learn leadership skills, get help with school work, and much more. There is also a summer camp for kids, the Youth Safety and Leadership Camp, available at no charge.

Information about these programs can be obtained by calling Director Wesley Baynes at (216) 987-2246.

“There is so much positive going on”, Wynne said. “30,000 students on 4 campuses; we stay visible, mobile and proactive. Active patrol. And our crime stats are low because of that.”

Upon investigation, it is found that our neighboring schools here in the Campus District have up to four times the crime. Lt. Wynne thanks the students and faculty for being so accommodating during the “Once in a lifetime event.”

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