BREAKING NEWS: Snafu with financial aid causes students to be dropped from classes

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By Jeremy Hopkins
Western Campus Associate Editor


Some students received an email from the school this past weekend stating that they have been dropped from their classes due to non payment.  It seems most of these students are receiving financial aid.  For some reason, a technical glitch has caused students to be dropped from their classes instead of having their aid packages awarded.


The financial aid office is aware of the problem.  If you have received this email in error, contact the financial aid department at your preferred campus, or use call them at 800 – 954 – 8742.  Stay tuned for more updates.


Updated:  Students who have received an email from the school stating that the Enrollment Center has dropped them from their classes should continue to go to those affected classes.  Currently, the school is attempting to identify the affected students.  Please contact the Financial Aid office to get the problem addressed, not the Enrollment Centers.  Meanwhile, the Financial Aid office is also still tracking down the source of the problem.

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