Recycling Project at Tri-C West

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International Students created a recycling project at Tri-C West campus to show how trash is a world-wide problem.

By Catherine Cesa, West Staff Reporter

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Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus

On Thursday November 7th at Tri-C Western Campus was a Recycle Project in which students from ESL, level 1 and level 2 participated talking about different items that can be recycled. This project was from 10 am until 2pm. The organizer of this project was Sara Clark, teacher from ESL class.


Students from the level 1 OF ESL course spoke about recycling in their countries, such as in Ukraine, Middle East and Puerto Rico. Also, students from the Level 2 ESL course talked about plastic, glass, aluminum, Styrofoam, batteries, tires, zero waste, paper, medical supplies and medicines and old furniture.

These students talked about the problems, including causes and effects, description of the material including what it is the material, how it is produced, where it is made, and list of local resources and organizations where people can take these items in Cleveland. Also, each group had to do a poster including this information.

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In addition, people who went to see each group it they liked the poster of each group they had to put on a piece of paper a sticker that the group gave it to them. On Monday it is going to be the result to know which poster of each group is the best and the group who win will have a gift card.

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