CLOSURE — Extreme Weather Closes Tri-C at Midday, Basketball Games Postponed

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[warning]Winter Weather closes Cuyahoga Community College 2/5/14[/warning]

Snow Lot
The condition of the A lot at 8 a.m. on Feb. 5, 2014.
(Photo by Jeremy Hopkins)

Cuyahoga Community College announced that all school buildings will be closed at 2 p.m. Wednesday due to the extreme winter weather. The City of Cleveland declared a weather emergency requested employers to send its employees home early. The college buildings are in a Level 2 closure beginning at 2 p.m. — meaning all staff, students, and non-essential personnel must vacate the properties, and that all classes and school activities are canceled for the day. Only plant operations, and police and security staff should remain on campus.

The men’s and women’s basketball team were scheduled to play Owens Community College Wednesday night at the Tri-C Eastern Campus, but the game has been postponed until Wednesday, Feb. 26, according to Erika Bell, student life director at Metro.

Due to several communities having dangerously low quantities of salt on hand, many roads are not being salted at this time. The City of Cleveland has 51 snow plows on the road, but Lakewood has announced they have almost run out of salt. Both Tri-C and Lakewood get their salt from Morton Salt.

The City of Cleveland has issued a request for drivers: “Don’t Block the Box.” The request is simple: please be sure you can clear the intersection completely so you don’t get stuck in the intersection and contribute to gridlock.

snow plow
Ground crews clear the walks despite salt shortages and continuing snow fall.
(Photo by Jeremy Hopkins)
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