Students Creating Works of Art in Gallery

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By Melanie Ellis

In today’s society, we live in a world where the works of creativity are never fully appreciated.  People look at some of the most beautiful things in the world, such as the sky or a picture of a bride on her wedding day, but they are not really “seeing” the true beauty that comes out of it.  If you’re someone who likes to the embrace the beauty of creativity, you can most definitely check out the Tri-C Art Gallery.

The Tri-C Art Gallery has many paintings and sculptures displayed from Tri-C’s students. The students work hard to show the school how much they love to show off their great works of art.  Showing their paintings is not only good for the artists, but the students who are observing them as well. This will provide some insight on how art and creativity can be viewed as more than just an object, but as a beautiful piece of art. The Tri-C Art Gallery is open Mon-Thurs from 10:30am-3:30pm.

The Art Gallery has a few new projects coming up that may have students interested to see what they might like.  Quanisha Gibson, the receptionist for the gallery, said that they are having a new exhibit called the New Now Show, which features several artists living in the Ohio area through the Western Reserve. The show will be judged by the curator of the Akron Art Museum. “We have an opening reception on November 14,” Gibson said. “The show is the exhibition of the Mascaras. It will be by an actual instructor here at the university and his name is Louis Perez.”

The works of art can be so beautiful in so many ways. Not only does it show how great and inspiring it can be, but it can also help the artist express themselves in a unique, imaginative way. The works of creativity should never be overlooked and it should always be appreciated.  That is exactly what the Tri-C Art Gallery represents.

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