What is Feminism? Do You Think We Need It Today?

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By Saily Aloni

Is there a need for feminism in today’s day and age? Yes. It is still relevant. On a global scale, it is needed to confront and resolve issues of sexual violence, denial of education, and most importantly, for all women to be granted the most basic right – to be counted as a person, a human being. Not an Object. It is disheartening to be a young woman today and still having to battle for our right to be counted as a human being and demanding respect that is owed to every living being in the world.

Now, is every man disrespectful to women? No, certainly not. Is every single man accountable and punishable for other people’s actions against women? No, the male gender is not the evil here. The evil is the mindset that has been a part of history for the past few thousand years. As always, the status quo is important in maintaining established power structures, so wading through these age old barriers was never going to be easy. Nor was every single attempt going to be the correct one. Slow and steady wins the race; we all grow up hearing that. While not at an ideal pace, feminism has been making great strides on women’s behalf and it continues to do so today.

There is no single set in stone definition of modern feminism, so we asked people right here at the Tri-C Western Campus what it means to them as an individual or what they hope will come from it for the future generations:

1. Feminism is: as a woman, being happy for other women and applauding their success instead of tearing each other down. – Dawn

2. Feminism is: equal educational opportunities for women all over the world. – Sana

3. Feminism is: making it possible so that today I have strong female rode models in my family who I can look up to. – Michael

4. Feminism is: not having to act less intelligent to be accepted. – Angela

5. Feminism is: I should be able to turn down a man for a date without any fear of backlash and/or potential violence against me. – Ally

6. Feminism is: equal pay for women and men working the same job. – John

7. Feminism is: Not being shamed for opting to stay at home, to care for my children and family. – Emily

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