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Heard In The Hallways: In Honor of Black History Month

By: Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief   Who is an African American You Hold in High Regards and Respect and Why? Tyra Lardell — Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson is an African American woman that I hold to a high regard and respect. Katherine was a physicist and mathematician who worked for NASA in 1953 to 1986. …

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True Life: Empowering Everyday Women of Tri-C

By Tammy Merritt, West Campus Writer   Cristiana Vespucci – a twenty-one-year-old feminist and full time college student who also works forty hours outside of campus, has stepped into her role in leadership; which comes naturally for her. Compassionate and eager to make a difference as Student Government President; Vespucci gives her all at Tri-C …

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Hall of Fame: CHRIS DENARI

By: Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief Professor John Kerezy’s long-time friend, Chris Denari, volunteered his personal time to meet with Tri-C students interested in journalism and/or broadcasting at the Quicken Loans Arena before broadcasting the Pacers vs. Cavs game to share his experience about his career path. The Cleveland Cavs was generous for letting the students …

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Success at Annual Tri-C Dating Show

By Omar Faisal, West Staff Writer Love was in the air in the WSS north auditorium at the Western Campus on Tuesday, February 9th. The dating show, hosted by the Campus Activities Board and Student Government, started off with the bachelorette, Sarah Litchney. Sitting on the stage, Sarah asked three potential suitors prepared questions to …

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Tri-C says ‘Thanks, but NO’ to Tobacco!

By Aaron Moorman, Social Media Editor Those words might be cause for celebration in the eyes of some students, perhaps reason to object for others. There has been a divide between smokers and non-smokers for a long time, each clamoring that their rights should not be infringed upon. However, one might be surprised to learn …

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A Matter of Class: Online Courses

By: Dylan Doyle, East Staff Writer Tri-C offers several different class formats with varying levels of online content and weeks required for completion. This means that students have to chose between online, hybrid, or strictly classroom in addition to eight, fourteen, or sixteen weeks. What this really boils down to is: which class is right …

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Making Sense of the Travel Ban

By John Kay, Editor-in-Chief at West   Confusion may be the absence of structure. It can also originate from the overwhelming demand for it. The most concerning aspect of confusion, is that of the real possibility of it destroying relations among those living in the information age. The Travel Ban that President Trump implemented has …

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Tommy LiPuma Speaks on Campus about Live Production

By:  Molly Black, Metro Staff Writer Legendary music producer and local philanthropist, Tommy LiPuma spoke on Monday, January 30, 2017, to a packed classroom of Recording Arts & Technology (RAT) students (and G. Paul Cox, Ph.D., dean of Creative Arts) at Metro campus about live production and how to best approach it. It was a …

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Student Success Week at Tri-C

By: Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer Tri-C Western Campus is presenting a three-day series of workshops this spring semester. The 13th-15th of February in the North Galleria unless otherwise stated; there will be all kinds of informative information, resources, and tools to help students become successful in their journey. Monday’s workshops are from 11:00 a.m. …

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Black American Council Celebrates Black History Month

Written by:  Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief Black History Month is an annual observance in February honoring African-Americans achievements in history. It is a time to reflect and celebrate their contributions and the amazing roles they have played in the country. Cuyahoga Community College, Black American Council (BAC), is providing events listed below on campus to …

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