Learning Culture with “Culture Shock”

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By: Daniela Cacho, West Staff Writer


Tri-C’s Western Campus held their own multicultural event titled “Culture Shock” in the north galleria. Students put together tables with displays of countries they originated from and international clubs Tri-C West sponsors. Student Noelle Abuoun, is part of the Japanese club at Tri-C West. She truly enjoys Japanese culture and appreciates the club. Abuoun stated, “I really like the language and how different it is. There is so much in Japanese culture like with all the pop culture too, and anime.”

Many gathered to listen and read about places and traditions from outside the U.S. from student to student. Everyone who walked passed the displays couldn’t help but to turn their heads, and many even stopped to check out various tables.

The stories and props were filled with both radiant color and passionate history. Music from France, China, India, and a continuous wide variety of other countries were on the playlist for the event done by a live DJ. ESL (English as a Second Language) students were recognized early in the event as the winners of the project “My Journey to the U.S.” The project was available for ESL students to share their personal stories of leaving their home-land and how Tri-C was a part of their journey. Their projects also provided photos showing off their culture and photos in remembrance of family and friends overseas.

“Culture Shock” did not only have displays but also held a variety of live entertainment. Cleveland immigration lawyer, Richard Herman, made an appearance to speak about his passion for his career, as well as display his co-written book “Immigrant Inc.”

The north galleria had a stage out for students to proudly display their traditional clothing from around the globe in runway fashion. The stage was also used for dancing, performances, and tutorials which encouraged everyone to rise from their seats. The event was free and welcomed everyone and anyone to join. Those who attended appeared to be having an enjoyable time, whilst learning the many cultures students at Tri-C Western Campus represent.

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