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Student Recognition & Honors Program

By: Deniece Diggins, East Editor-in-Chief Tri-C has always provided students tools, resources and counsel they need to not only complete each semester successfully, but also to exceed and excel in their studies. Each semester students are recognized for their academic achievements and participation in extracurricular activities in the preceding semester at the Student Recognition and …

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Learning Culture with “Culture Shock”

By: Daniela Cacho, West Staff Writer   Tri-C’s Western Campus held their own multicultural event titled “Culture Shock” in the north galleria. Students put together tables with displays of countries they originated from and international clubs Tri-C West sponsors. Student Noelle Abuoun, is part of the Japanese club at Tri-C West. She truly enjoys Japanese …

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Getting the College Community Moving with “Exercise is Medicine”

By: Jordan Johnson, West Staff Writer   On April 11, 2017, the Galleria of Tri-C’s Western Campus was full of people learning how to improve their lifestyle by making healthier choices at the semi-annual “Exercise is Medicine” event. Held every April at the Western Campus and every November at the Eastern Campus, this free event …

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It is OK to ASK for HELP

By: Tammy Merritt, West Staff Writer   Life can be challenging, confusing and tiresome with all its joys, pain, lessons and triumph. When one falls down, one must get back up. Throughout life there is sowing and there is reaping what you sow. Now what falls in the center of it all is being human, …

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Heard in the Hallways

By: Alaina Bradley, East Staff Writer As the Spring semester comes to an end, a lot of students around campus are eager to get their summer plans started even if some of them are coming right back for summer semester. What are your plans for the summer? Te’Angila Porter, Business Management “My plan for the …

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More American Than African

By: Donald King   What color says America What hue would pass the test. Who would claim that status, And disregard the rest.   And why not I, a descendant of slaves, Should not my spirit soar. For knowledge that our blood was shed, Whenever our country was engaged in war.   And while engaged …

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