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By: Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief

Moneeke Davis is the epitome of a strong and positive woman. She is a humanitarian, a woman of strength, love, happiness, discipline, chaos and indifference.  As the daughter of a drug addicted mother, her life began on a rollercoaster and continued as such in her journey to overcome many obstacles. Her mission is to use her gifts, knowledge, and abilities to bring people together to change the nation one community at a time.

Moneeke’s major is Nursing, she will graduate with an Associate of Art, Science and Applied Science from Tri-C, Fall 2017.  Her goal is to transfer to Cleveland State University to obtain her Bachelor’s Science in Nursing and continue on to obtain her Master’s in Public Health. Her goal is to start a nonprofit organization that will aid in strengthening underserved communities using a holistic approach.

On February 25, 2017, Moneeke organized her second annual Winter Ball, a free formal event for children 1-12 years of age, at New Beginnings Ministries, 2060 West 65th. Children had the amazing opportunity and experience to get dressed up and have a red-carpet experience.

When you walk through the door, it was an elegant sight. The tables had beautiful flowers on them, there was a photo booth, children were dancing, playing games, parents were engaging in conversations. The children were enjoying themselves and the smiles on the parents’ faces showed they were enjoying themselves as well.

When it was time for dinner, waiters and waitresses came around with menus to take the children and their parents orders. After dinner, raffle tickets that were given to everybody upon entering the event, Moneeke began to call the numbers from the tickets. Everybody won a prize including the adults. She called every single number one by one and gave all the children the opportunity to pick out the prize they wanted. The children were amazed, they were exceptionally nice gifts. Every child left with their raffle prize and a gift which was a lot of children books. The Winter Ball was a success.

Moneeke has a passion for children. She loves seeing smiles on their faces, the conversations and most of all the boost that they gain in their self-esteem. She says, “the children are crying out and God allowed me to hear them. They are the future. We have the privilege of shaping the way our society will look and that is an honor that I wish more of us would take to heart.”

She is a mother of five and she said she understands the struggles that come raising children with limited resources. Despite the hurdles and obstacles, she understood the importance in making sure her children knew their worth. “That was a lesson I learned later on but was the most valuable one.”

Moneeke has organized other events for children. She has organized a Block Party and Trick or Treat Street, a street was closed off in the community and set up stations were along the street for families to gather candy and participate in various activities.

The Mustard Seed Community Garden is another event she has organized. “It’s a garden that equips the youth with basic gardening techniques, provide various trainings such as composting, disease management and native plants-the participants literally reap the harvest from the garden-each event is designed to empower residents while increasing social capital. The more connected we are the more in tuned we are to our needs. This helps us turn the me into we and that’s how we heal our community,” says Moneeke.

“If I could find the words, they still would not express my feeling of thankfulness. You host your event every year, this is what you choose to do not what you have to do. My sister, Tracy, took my children to your event. When she told me about your event, I was impressed. My kids, two of whom my husband and I are in the process of adopting could not have been more excited. After the event when my children came home, I could not believe how elegant and beautiful it turned out. The thought that you give EVERY child a gift and the option to pick what they want for dinner gives their ego and self- esteem a much-needed boost. My boys (which are my nephews by marriage) were exposed to fine dining which we can’t afford since we have taken on two additional household members. Through you, my children were shown that Angels exist and walk amongst us on the earth. It is evident that God has a purpose for your life and because of your obedience many are being blessed. When my children left your event, they were able to see unlimited possibilities because of your vision. My children see that there are beautiful people in this world today who care, thank you for helping to teach that lesson. My children were opened to the love of others and realize that you didn’t have to give of yourselves but chose to. My children through your sense of giving were exposed to hope, love and caring. Your event and spirit of giving this 25th of February 2017 has assisted in planting character and morals in my children that my husband and I have worked non-stop to instill. I don’t know if you are aware of touching, amazing, and profound your actions are but I wanted to tell you personally I will never be the same. I will not be the same because you have restored my faith that there are still good people in this world doing good things. God bless you woman of God and may the seeds you plant grow and bless you tenfold,” says Tammie Robinson.

Most of the funding for the events Moneeke organize comes out of her personal finances. This year, she received funding from Councilman Matt Zone, Detroit Shoreway and her son David Boone for the Winter Ball.

If you would like to help by donating to next year’s Winter Ball, please contact Moneeke Davis at 216-682-5709 or email moneekedavis@yahoo.com. Any donation is appreciated. We are bringing families together to support our children.

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