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On The Right Track

By:  Isa Moore, Metro Staff Writer Following up on our last report of our home team The Tri-C Challengers when we were just starting off our season at 2-0, here’s your update on the team we hold close to home. –Nearing the end of the regular season, our home team, The Cuyahoga Community College Challengers …

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Second Year Soccer Star Looks to Improve After Sensational Freshman Season

By Robert Fenbers Sports Editor   Tevin Williams surprised everybody last season when he scored 21 goals as a freshman, well almost everybody. “I was a bit rusty last year,” Williams said. “Next season, I am aiming for 30-40 goals. That would be a major success for me.” His confidence is clear, but it was …

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Chemistry and Trust Guide Challengers to 36 Win Season

By Robert Fenbers   It has been a few weeks since the season ended for the Challengers and what a difference a year makes! This time last season, the Challengers were left in a complete mess, uncertain of their head coach’s future with the team. Looking to turn the page, Tri-C underwent a complete revamp …

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Challengers Split Series with Sinclair

By Robert Fenbers In their final series of the season, Tri-C proved they could hang with the best of the best, while earning some respect along the way.  Game 1:                                                         After a 30 minute delay, due to a miscommunication on the start time with the umpires, the series finale was underway. The Challengers came out …

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Confident Challengers Prepare for Season Finale Showdown with Sinclair

By: Robby Fenbers Of all the uncertainty going into this season, there was one thing the Challengers knew wouldn’t change, their toughest opponent would be Sinclair. The Challengers have held their own all season in the OCCAC conference (11-9) and sit in 2nd place behind Sinclair Community College. Having already shattered their 12 win total …

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Challengers Baseball: Midseason Recap

By: Mitchel Guy The Challenger’s Baseball team was looking to bounce back this year after a less-than stellar, 12-21-1, performance last season. Evan Agona is in his first season as head coach for Tri-C and he has seemed to change the culture for the team. “The players have been working hard to buy into what …

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