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In the first person

Friends with benefits: it’s not what you think By Sharan Paul, Metro campus staff reporter All friends come with benefits.  The reason that friendships forged in college last a lifetime is because they have residual benefits.  Relationships with other students can increase your success during and after higher education.  But friends are more than just …

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Cleveland International Film Festival

Free Movies For Students at Film Festival By Fareem Khabeer and Rachel Paul, Metro staff reporters Cleveland International Film Festival has its’ 38th showing. The 38th Cleveland International Film Festival rolls into Tower City once again March 19 through the 30th – and the public is invited to experience the festival free on March 27, …

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New club boosts academic success for its members

By Sharan Paul, Metro Staff Reporter The Press Club is a newly formed student organization on the Metro Campus that is dedicated to students helping students succeed in college. Quentin Callans is a member who sees a long term future for the new club. “We are looking for it to grow into something major … …

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Social Science speakers coming to Tri-C

By Mackenzie Saunders, West staff reporter More speakers in the Carol S. Franklin Social Science Speaker series coming to the Western Campus Carol S. Franklin’s Social Science speaker, Mary Childers, is not your typical Ph.D. Childers grew up on welfare in the Bronx, raised by her alcoholic, single mother alongside her six other brothers and …

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Campus Survey: Dating

CAMPUS SURVEY: Is Dating Dead By Juan Caminero, Metro staff reporter   With the advent of social networking, it seems as though the traditional date has become obsolete. This has been the topic of many opinion articles in national news and popular magazine who claim that the “dinner and a movie” routine, as portrayed in …

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Game Day Gallery

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