New club boosts academic success for its members

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By Sharan Paul, Metro Staff Reporter

The Press Club is a newly formed student organization on the Metro Campus that is dedicated to students helping students succeed in college. Quentin Callans is a member who sees a long term future for the new club.

“We are looking for it to grow into something major … into something beyond Cuyahoga Community College … into something beyond our expectations,” Callans said.

Callans is a business major and will graduate in 2014. He is counting on what he learns from the group to add a “real world” experience to his education.

The club will feature outings to meet with successful business people in Cleveland. Their first trip will be to the home of the Millers, who own The Graffiti Hat Company. Club President Barbara Currie believes that hearing how the Millers achieved their success is a great motivator.

“If they can do it, we can do it,” Currie said. She hopes to build partnerships that will continue after graduation. Currie is attending Tri-C with an undeclared major, and already has a master’s degree in social administration from Case Western Reserve University.

Each member has a voice in The Press Club.

“Every decision we make is through a consensus of everybody’s decision,” said Dante Bruce, club vice president. Bruce said that this feature allows “unlimited activities and a possibility of growing.”

One such innovative decision was formulated to help each other through the challenging times, like midterms and final exams. The club has developed study groups that will allow members to meet with other members to prepare for exams, finish projects, or understand homework.

The Press Club is open to all students and there is no cost to join. They plan to be involved with the community surrounding Tri-C with clothing and food drives later this semester. Club members plan to sponsor several bake sales on campus to raise funds for their activities.

The club meets every Thursday, at 3:15 pm, in the Student Lounge.

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