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In the first person

Friends with benefits: it’s not what you think By Sharan Paul, Metro campus staff reporter All friends come with benefits.  The reason that friendships forged in college last a lifetime is because they have residual benefits.  Relationships with other students can increase your success during and after higher education.  But friends are more than just …

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Security first

By Sharan Paul, Metro Campus reporter. Rachel Paul contributing When you are on your own   Note: Due to an incident, at the Metro Campus on March 18, 2014, my daughter, Rachel Paul, joined me to co-author this story. Rachel Paul, a first year Recording Arts Major at Tri-C, approached the Student Services building and …

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Higher One invades Tri-C

Finance company helps students spend responsibly By Dezmond K. DeLeon, Metro staff writer Over the last couple months the name Higher One has been floating all over campus, which begs the question of who is Higher One and why the change? Higher One is a financial services company started by college students and designed for …

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Students Give the Grade

How Our Instructors Can Be Graded Just as Much as Their Students By Sharan Paul, Metro staff reporter If you have ever had a class that was excellent, or one that was incredibly awful, what do you do? Most Tri-C students tell their classmates, or complain to other professors. Nearly all students are unsure of …

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Cleveland International Film Festival

Free Movies For Students at Film Festival By Fareem Khabeer and Rachel Paul, Metro staff reporters Cleveland International Film Festival has its’ 38th showing. The 38th Cleveland International Film Festival rolls into Tower City once again March 19 through the 30th – and the public is invited to experience the festival free on March 27, …

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Lights, Camera, Action!

By Bronson Peshlakai, contributing author Tri-C Students to Interview Filmmakers at CIFF   For the second year in a row The Voice and Tri-C’s Media Arts and Studies (MARS) department are collaborating to offer the latest news and interviews with filmmakers at the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival.   This unique partnership allows film and …

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