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Free Movies For Students at Film Festival

By Fareem Khabeer and Rachel Paul, Metro staff reporters

Cleveland International Film Festival has its’ 38th showing.

The 38th Cleveland International Film Festival rolls into Tower City once again March 19 through the 30th – and the public is invited to experience the festival free on March 27, thanks to the Cleveland Foundation.

“To now be celebrating the foundation’s centennial, with its March gift of a free day at the festival, is one of the greatest thrills in the history of our organization,” said Marcie Goodman, CIFF executive director.

Tri-C students with a valid school ID will be admitted free to select screening in the mornings and afternoons throughout the festival. Free late night movies after 11 p.m. is offered on Fridays and Saturdays as well.

The festival has seen tremendous growth and participation over the past 10 years. Last year, more than 93,000 people participated in the festival, an increase of 165 percent since the 27th festival of 2003, according to a CIFF fact sheet.

This year there is more than 180 feature films, and 165 short subject films from over 60 countries and more than 220 visiting filmmakers.
The festival promises even more diversity with 10% Cinema (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes), American Independents, Family Films, Film is Art, Central and Eastern European Film competition, Cinema en Espanol, Director’s Spotlight, Islamic and Arab Societies, It’s Easy Being Green (environmental issues), and Pan- African Images – all being among the categories of feature films.

Audience participation is a hallmark of many film festivals, and CIFF 38 meets this requirement with “After The Credits Roll” and “Filmslam.”

After The Credits Roll is for film in the Standing Up competition at a FilmForum. Filmmakers and special guests on a panel will engage the audience in a fluid dialogue. Filmslam takes place in the mornings of the festival and is designed to help students in Northeast Ohio become more familiar with the industry; at least 6,000 students participated in the program last year.

Many of the titles and trailers of the features promise to keep the audience entertained. “Not Another Happy Ending,” is a romantic comedy about a writer that finds success with her first novel, along with love before completing the final chapter of her follow up. All writers’ need misery, or so they say; will happiness keep her from completing her work. Will she sacrifice her love for art, or something else?

There is also, “The Major” for those that love car chases and action. “Fools Day” is a dark comedy about a fourth-grade prank that goes horribly wrong. And then, there is “AntBoy”, the world’s first Danish superhero. A young boy, whose father genetically modifies animals, is bitten by an ant and given powers. His first assignment is to save the life of his father, who is often persecuted and hated for his work.

A full range of movies from shorts to full length will be featured, in all genres, as well as competitions for awards and prizes. On Saturdays there will be a variety of workshops related to the film industry that are free and open to the public.

The Cleveland State University School of Communication will offer four interactive panel discussions that are opened to the community free on Saturday, March 29. Beginning at 10 a.m., persons interested in movie making and finding out what it takes to enter festivals like CIFF can learn lots. Discussions include documentary filmmaking, independent film production, and in the afternoon starting at 1:45, forums on distributing, exhibition and film festivals, as well as, editing and post-production.

More information on the CSU events is at

Tickets for movies are $12 for members and $14 for non-members. To check out the movies and showtimes, visit
More information for free movies offered to college students is available at

Bronson Peshlakai contributed to this report.

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