Higher One invades Tri-C

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Finance company helps students spend responsibly

By Dezmond K. DeLeon, Metro staff writer

HigherOne Card for Tri-C Students
HigherOne Card for Tri-C Students

Over the last couple months the name Higher One has been floating all over campus, which begs the question of who is Higher One and why the change?

Higher One is a financial services company started by college students and designed for college students. The idea of Higher One is to provide students more options with their money. Tri-C partnered with Higher One in efforts to free up administrative staff and put more control of financial activity in the hands of students.

Many students have received several emails to their Tri-C email account regarding Higher One and the services provided by Higher One. As students, it is important to know your options. Higher One debit Mastercard is just that, another option. If a student has never been able to receive direct deposit funds because lack of a checking account and want to receive funds faster, the Higher One debit Mastercard may be a considerable option. Higher One boasts same day delivery of funds for students who use their Higher One debit Mastercard. For students who receive ACH direct deposit already or prefer a paper check there is no obligation to use the Higher One debit Mastercard option. Students can remain receiving funds as they always have, but students who do prefer ACH direct deposit or paper check still have to notify Higher One of their preferred choice.

What you need to know if you decide to choose Higher One debit Mastercard option? Higher One debit Mastercard operates much like a typical financial institution such as a bank. Higher One offers three checking account type offers. Students will need to select one of these options in order to use the Higher One debit Mastercard. Each option has associated fees. The OneAccount option does not have a monthly fee but charges $0.50 per pin-based transaction. The OneAccount Edge has a monthly fee of $4.95 but does not charge for pin-based transactions. The third option, One Account Premier, has a monthly fee of $5.95, no fee for pin-based transactions, and a host of other features such as non-Higher One ATM reimbursements.

So where exactly are Higher One ATMs? Currently, you won’t find them on any Tri-C campuses. However, there are plan to install Higher One ATMs at Metro, East, and West campuses in the near future. In the mean time, the closest ATM location is probably at nearby Cleveland State University.

Higher One provides services in Ohio for Cleveland State University, Kent State University, Bryant & Stratton College, Owens Community College, The University of Findlay, Terra State Community College, Stark State College, Shawnee State University, Wittenberg University, and Zane State College. Don’t expect to find a Higher One ATM outside of these college and university campuses.

Students will be receiving a green envelope in the mail if they have not already received it. Inside the green envelope you will find a myONEmoney card. Please keep in mind that this card is not a credit card. Do not discard this card as the card will be the key to establishing a preference on how to receive funds. The myONEmoney card is necessary in identifying the student and selecting an option on whether to receive funds via ACH direct deposit into a personal checking account, receiving a paper check, or establishing a checking account type service with the Higher One debit Mastercard to use as an ATM card. Failing to select one of these options will result in receiving a paper check by default.


*** Update: at this time, two Higher One ATMs are installed and active at the Western Campus: one in B and one in the South Galleria, opposite the existing ATM.  Installation of the other campuses should be wrapping up by publication time.

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